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Ball Cleaning Services (BCS), part of Sport & Play, is an expert in cleaning indoor play equipment and children’s activity equipment.
We offer one off cleaning or annual contracts to ensure regular, scheduled cleans to keep your indoor play equipment safe and clean.

We offer the following cleaning and maintenance services:

BCS are children's indoor play cleaning specialists offering national coverage

In addition, we offer a wide range of specialist cleaning and maintenance services linked to children's ball pools and play frames. These include one off, on demand, ball pool cleans and emergency cleans for situations where children may have soiled your ball pool and you need it cleaned quickly! We also offer a discounted ball pool cleaning service for regular contracted ball pool and play area cleans depending upon your requirements.

A play system clean should be part of your cleaning and maintenance schedule, and should take place at least annually, the objective is to remove as much dirt as possible and remove dust from the play area in places that are not included in regular cleans such as in your play frame, netting, matting and ball pool.

Once the children's play structures and adventure equipment has been cleaned, we will issue a certificate of cleanliness for you to display. This will show your customers that you are committed to providing a clean and safe environment for their children.

We are dedicated to the cleaning of indoor play equipment and children’s activity equipment throughout the UK. We have teams working all over the country, please call us on 01323 811 526 to see when we are next in your area or contact us for a quotation.

BCS director, Ian, cleaning the top of a play frame during a full system clean BCS director, Paul, cleaning the play balls in a dirty ball pool using a ballpool sanitisation machine Cleaned ball pool balls in specially designed ball sacks

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